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  1. Vicki Gagiano

    To whom it may concern,

    I would appreciate it if you could send me information on the requirements for participating in a debate competition or event.

    I am the English Home Language Teacher at ACC (Grade 10-12) in Bloemfontein and would like for my learners to get involved in the debate activities.

    I would appreciate your assistance,

    Kind Regards,

    Vicki Gagiano
    051-447-1727 (Accelerated Christian College)

  2. Vuyani

    im a grade 11 learner i want to be part of the dabate but my school doesnt know anything about this competition.I would you to alert my school (Lodilire Secondary School)in Gauteng,West Rand.at this number (011) 769-8114 or fax on this number.The school address is:
    P.O BOX 480

    1. admin

      Hi there. You need to contact the provincial debating board in your province, and they will invite you to the relevant competitions. To do this, click on the ‘Provinces’ tab on the menu at the top of the page and you’ll get a drop-down menu with all the different provinces. Click on yours to get information, including contact details. Good luck! –Admin

    1. admin

      Hey Ntsala,

      We would be happy to help your school get involved in debating! Would you please post a comment or email me at: tvonzahn.sasdb@gmail.com telling me which province your school is in so that I can get you in contact with your provincial schools debating board? They are the people to go to so that your school can get involved. :) – Tristan von Zahn (Operations Officer).

      1. admin

        Hey Eddie, I recommend that you contact the Free State Debating Board (freestatedebating@gmail.com). They are in charge of schools debating in the province and organize many of the tournaments that happen. They will be able to give you the information you are looking for. :)- Tristan von Zahn (Operations Officer)

    1. admin

      Dear Eric,
      Your best port of call would be to email Tlou Mashitisho (tmmash@gmail.com) as he is in charge of Debating in Limpopo and he should be able to help you get involved in tournaments there. Alternatively, the Polokwane Debating League has a website (http://polokwanedebating.blogspot.com) which should be able to give you some more information. All the best!- :) Tristan von Zahn (Operations Officer)

  3. nyiko

    hi,i am interested in hosting a debate tournament for the schools in rural places at Bushbuckridge,i don`t have enough information on the proceedures of doing this.

    i would be pleased to be sent a website address where i can get more info.

    your antention into this matter would be highly appreciated

    yours in youth development

    nyiko hlungwane
    078 007 9843

    1. admin

      Hey Nyiko,
      We have a lot of material on this site that will help you in running your tournament. You can find guides to both how to debate and how to run a tournament on our Downloads page and you will also be able to email Mpho Serake, who is in charge of debating in Mpumalanga to find more information if you need it. I hope that your tournament is successful!- :) Tristan von Zahn (Operations Officer).

      1. nyiko

        thank you for the downloads you sent me i will work on them they seen helpfull and what i am looking for.i will get back to you soon asap

        thank u & tnx again

        yours in youth development
        Nyiko Hlungwane
        +27 78 007 9843

  4. Comfort Kganyago

    hi,im from limpopo i m a grade 12 leaner at mohlakaneng high school.i would like to know if are there any debate competitions running in limpopo.i would like my school to enter

    1. admin

      Hi Comfort!

      It’s really great that you want to get involved! The person to contact for debating in Limpopo is Tlou Mashitisho (tmmash@gmail.com). The SASDB is also going to be running debating training programmes in the near future (have a look at our projects under the “About Us” tab on this website) so keep checking back here for more information.

      Keep debating!

      Devi (Vice President)

  5. kagilsoMasemola

    Well I am a girl and I am very good at debating but we hardly get. Any invitations to provincial tournaments.I come from. Limpopo (sekhukhune). And I school. At. The. Future Comphrehensive School. Don’tyou. Think. That. It would be.a. Good idea if. Invytd all schools to. Tournaments??

    1. Devi Pillay

      Hi Kagilso,

      I’m sorry your school hasn’t been invited to provincial tournaments. Unfortunately, we are all volunteers and have no way of knowing which schools do debating and want to participate if they do not contact us first!

      We definitely think you should be involved! The SASDB doesn’t organise provinical debating so I can’t invite you to any Limpopo tournaments. However, the person in charge is Tlou Mashitisho, and if you contact him he will give you all the details you need to enter the league.

      Here are his details:
      Mobile: 072 910 9910
      Email: tmmash@gmail.com

      I hope that answers your questions. Good luck and happy debating!


  6. Pearl Reddy

    Hi, my name is Pearl, I have an 11 year old daughter who would really like to join a debating team in Johannesburg. Please could you offer me some advise as to how she can join a team as well as a few team contact details that would be appropriate for her. She attends Roedean School and is in grade 5.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards

    Pearl Reddy

    1. Devi Pillay

      Dear Pearl,

      Debating normally only begins in high school – unfortunately I know of no debating team at primary level. Additionally, debating teams are formed per school and usually not independently.

      I know that Roedean school has a very well established debating society at high school level. My best advice would be to get in touch with them and see if your daughter can attend – I’m sure they will have no problem with that.


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